Patello Femoral Replacement

Patello Femoral Replacement

In around 10% of patients with knee arthritis their pain is coming from a worn knee cap. Although patients with this type of arthritis can usually walk with minimal or no pain when on level ground, they suffer from pain when crouching, going up and down stairs, walking on hills and getting out of low chairs.

In these patients, and where the majority of the joint is free from arthritis, it is sometimes possible to perform an operation where the back of the patella and the front of the femur are replaced.

The Surgery

The operation takes around 40 minutes and involves a small amount o the damaged bone being removed from the front of the femur and back of the patella. The patella Femoral replacement is then cemented into place.  You will have a 10-15 cm incision over the front of your knee that will be closed with either absorbable sutures or clips.


  • Day 1 post operation: You will be seen by the physiotherapists who will get you out of bed and start your exercises with you
  • Day 2: You should be able to climb the stairs 2 days post surgery.
  • 6 weeks: You should be able to walk with 1 stick (or crutch).
  • 4 Months: You should be walking well with no pain and have a good range of movement in the knee.