Spire Patient

Found MR Datta clear and to the point,everything was explained thoroughly..

August 2021

Spire Patient

Excellent consultant gave me confidence in his ability

August 2021


My time with Mr Datta was extremely informative and included a very thorough examination. The diagnosis and my options for treatment were discussed fully and left no stone unturned.

As a result of his consultation I now await surgery and feel greatly reassured of a successful and pain free future.

June 2021


 I had a consultation with Dr Datta concerning a painful hip during which I was sent for an x-ray and results on the spot . Which concluded that it would be necessary to have a hip replacement operation and a date and time would be advised asap . I am extremely pleased with the service and communication received by Dr Datta and his team

August 2021

Spire Patient

He was very kind and caring. I was very anxious before the operation but he and the whole team put me at my ease

August 2021

Spire Patient

What else can I say? Mr Datta was excellent in every respect and answered my questions perfectly.

August 2021

Spire Patient

Mr Data is a very professional surgeon. He explained things in his own way.. I felt safe in his hands.

August 2021

Spire Patient

Top Class

August 2021

S Kirby

I want to thank Mr. Datta for taking such good care of me during both hip replacement procedures. It was my first major surgery and he helped calm my nerves. Both surgeries were successful and the after care was excellent. I am now completely pain free and able to do things I was not able to do for a number of years.

August 2019

Peter L

I must say my overall experience at Spire under Mr Datta was first class and I am very grateful to all involved

August 2019

Roger Atwal

Cartilage regeneration on right knee back in June 2016. Had been told if last knee operation hadn’t succeeded in resolving pain, would need half knee replacement, followed by full knee replacement. Research brought me to Mr Datta, can’t speak highly enough of how the procedure has given me a new lease of life, walking without pain after a couple of hundred yards and even playing football again.

July 2019

Rachael king

You did a great job with me too much gratitude and I was very impressed by your professionalism and level of care and from everyone else who looked after me on 29th March at Spire (through NHS) and you took my mind off Brexit! I quite literally was staggered by the level of care and support surrounding me on the day of my op (keyhole hip arthroscopy) and I came away later that evening so full of gratitude. Another very satisfied NHS patient.

April 2019

chris terry

Following my discharge today I just wanted to drop a line to offer my sincere gratitude to all of the hospitals staff who made my stay extremely welcoming. Every single member of staff from every department from Mr Datta himself, the anaesthetists, recovery room personnel, radiology dept, doctors, nurses, physios, pharmacist, catering, porter and housekeeping could not have been more helpful, accommodating and sympathetic. Everyone without exception was friendly, approachable and went above and beyond to take care of me during my stay. As a humble NHS patient I fully understand how fortunate I am to have had my treatment and aftercare at the Nuffield and I cannot thank everyone enough. Can someone please ensure that everyone who had interaction with me during my time at the Nuffield is duly acknowledged as I would wish for them to know that I am truly grateful.

June 2019

P Elliot

I had a total knee replacement done and had the best care. Yes did experience a long wait to go to surgery but that’s expected in most hospitals. Was in for 3 days and couldn’t fault the care, nurses and cleanliness of the hospital. Lovely food. One nurse in particular always managed to make me smile. Thankyou x Big thank you to my consultant for the surgeon who did my knee.

June 2019


8 weeks ago I had a right hip replacement, prior to that I had several meetings with my surgeon Mr.Datta who was absolutely brilliant I’m glad it was him as he was straight to the point and gave me all the information that i needed and of course carried out the surgery with no problems at all. I’d like to thank him and his team as they were really helpful giving me relevant information before the surgery and anything else that I needed help with. I like the fact that there is aftercare in which I do have follow up appointments to see Mr.Datta again to see how I’m getting on. I can finally get on with my life pain free.


As a keen runner, to find out you need knee ligament surgery was personally quite devastating. however, things are never as bad as they first seem. Dr Datta talked me through my diagnosis, treatment and recovery an I realised my world hadn’t quite caved in!. Dr Datta explained my MRI in clear lay person details giving me a real insight into my injuries and how the best course of action would help me recover. On the day of the surgery he talked me through everything and came in to check up on me and de-brief afterwards. The level of care was impeccable and so friendly; I felt very cared for and was lucky enough to get such care from a technically astute specialist.


I can report that I have absolutely no complaints about my recent treatment under Mr Datta.  Charlotte, you have been helpful and very efficient from the very beginning and I found Mr Datta very open, honest and reassuring and gave full explanations on everything.  I had a visit from the anaesthetist prior to surgery and he was also a very friendly, reassuring chap.  After surgery Mr Datta came to see me to explain his findings and I found it very helpful that i have been copied into everything.  When I came for my initial consultation and pre-consultation tests, the receptionists were very friendly and the radiology staff were very attentive, considering my needle phobia.  My room at the hospital was very spacious and comfortable and the staff overnight post op were attentive, friendly and very patient.

I can honestly say my experience with you has been a very positive one. Very many thanks to all involved.


From the very first consultation with Mr Datta, he was always friendly, but in a very professional way.  Everything was explained and we never felt hurried. We were invited to ask questions as we wished, and although it was me having the operation my husband felt included as well.  Once in hospital the impeccable care continued, with Mr Datta visiting me on several occasions, always explaining fully what decisions he had made and why


After suffering knee pain, swelling for some years since my mid 20’s (now 52), I was constantly told that it was wear and tear but no offer of any life long advice.

Mr Datta gave an in-depth consultation of how my knee looked from the MRI Scan and offered arthoroscopy to help control symptoms. I am now recovering and hopeful of a few more years of pain free in my right knee and considering undergoing the same on my left.

I am now feeling very positive to continue with my much loved hobby Skiing for some years. My care at both Hospitals in Southampton along with the high level of support from Mr Datta’s office have been exemplary

Mr J King

My care and treatment has been excellent. From my first consultation through to my surgery, I have been kept well informed and have had all the information I’ve needed to ensure the surgery went well and that I make a speedy recovery. I would highly recommend Mr Datta.

Sue M

Five years ago I had a hip replacement and was disappointed to still be in pain afterwards, unable to walk far and uncomfortable even when sitting.  I went back to the hospital many times to be fobbed off with various reasons as to why this was and when I finally asked about a hip revision, my original surgeon said that although this was possible, it was a major, major operation and that I would probably be a lot worse off afterwards and that in his opinion, it was totally unnecessary, even though he hadn’t examined me.

After even more pain, I asked to be referred to Southampton hospital where I was assigned to Mr. Datta.  After he examined me, I was sent for many tests to determine the cause of the pain, i.e infection, loosening of the hip, etc.  Mr. Datta explained the reasons for the tests and kept me fully updated with the results.

When the tests had been exhausted, he called me in to say that he would be happy to carry out a hip revision.  I was very nervous given what my previous surgeon had said, but he reassured me that whilst every operation carried slight risks, he was confident that he would be able to help, and I agreed to go ahead.

After the operation, I could feel the difference as soon as I was on my feet and I was able to leave hospital 3 days later.  Mr. Datta visited me before I left and explained about the follow-up examination in a few weeks.

When I returned for the follow-up, I was so pleased that I wasn’t suffering any pain and the new hip felt like part of me rather than the ‘alien’ that the previous hip felt like.

I have since had a further check up with Mr. Datta and I really feel I’ve been given my life back as I can now walk, stand and sit without pain and hopefully, I’ll be able to play sport again soon. I’m so glad I was referred to him and am very grateful for all he’s done for me.

Lisa C

Due to bilateral Acetabular Dysplasia I have been under the care of Mr Datta and his team for the past 2 years.  They have now replaced both my hips within 8 months of each other due to the osteoarthritis caused by the condition.  The right one in May 2012 and the left in January 2013.

It has been a tough year having 2 major operations but it has been worth the discomfort and hard work with physio etc.  I am still recovering from the second operation 7 weeks ago but I feel like a different person.  All the arthritic pain and stiffness has gone, I am walking upright and with confidence.

I feel confident that I can now get on with my life and see myself getting back to my favourite activities like golf and fitness.  I am excited about the future and feel myself again not like a bent over old lady!  I have to continue to be cautious for the rest of my life as I have hypermobility syndrome so have a slightly higher risk of dislocation than someone that doesn’t have this.  This was fully explained to me and the operations were done on agreement that I was fully aware of this slight risk.

The care I have received and will continue to receive from Mr Datta and his team has been excellent.  Everything has been explained clearly and the Enhanced Recovery Programme is fantastic.  Thank you to the whole team.

David B

I am a 60 year old British male. For the majority of my life I have been fit and active, a keen sportsman and able to fulfil a physically demanding job as a mechanical inspector at an oil refinery.

6 years ago I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, which has become chronic in the last 2 to 3 years.

In 2010 I began to suffer pain in my left hip. This became more restrictive as the months passed and I was referred to orthopaedics for examination. I had my left hip replaced in August 2011, by then I was unable to work, needed assistance to rise from a chair and was on a diet of pain killers and morphine. After recovering from the effects of the surgery I was pain free from the left hip and for a short while was able to walk unaided, and pain free from the hip.

By 4th quarter of 2011 my right hip had deteriorated to a stage that I was back in constant pain and restricted with walking, climbing stairs etc. By the time I had my right hip replaced (April 2011) I was again unable to work and needed assistance rising from a chair.

I have been back to work since June 2011 and both hips are pain free and I can manoeuvre nearly as well as I could before they became troublesome. I am on restricted duties (not able to climb equipment) but this is solely due to the severity of the arthritis.

Finally, while I have the opportunity, thanks to all the dedicated people who have helped me regain my independence

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