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There are different reasons why patients may need a Revision Total Hip Replacement. It may be because the patient was relatively young when the original surgery was performed and the hip replacement has effectively worn out. Other reasons include infection, dislocation, and occasionally failure of the prosthesis used. The commonest reason for a revision is that the hip replacement has worn out and is now loose. Hip replacements wear out leading to bone loss around the implant with subsequent loosening. This causes pain. The diagnosis can usually be made with X-rays, sometimes other scans are performed, e.g. a bone scan, CT scan or MRI scan. We also perform blood tests to rule out infection, and frequently we will draw some fluid off around the hip to send to the laboratory looking for evidence of infection.



Step 1

Following a consultation with Mr Datta, you will be given a date for surgery.


Step 2

You will be called by one of our nursing staff who will conduct a pre-assessment within 2 weeks of your surgery for blood tests and a medical examination


Step 3

You are admitted to the hospital on the day of surgery.


Step 4

Physiotherapy starts on the first day after the operation. You will have regular physiotherapy whilst in hospital and will be discharged once you are safely using crutches, and are able to walk up and down stairs.


Step 5

Physiotherapy will continue as an outpatient and you will be discharged once your physiotherapist is happy with your progress.

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frequently asked questions

What precautions do I need to take post surgery?
For the soft tissues and muscles to heal properly and support your new hip, there is certain precautions you will need to take. Do not cross your legs, this is regardless of sitting or standing or lying down, do not even cross your ankles. Do not bend your hips past 90ᵒ i.e., do not bend down to reach your toes. Do not twist, turn your body to reach what you need, and always face the way of the activity you are conducting.
How long does it take to recover from hip revision surgery?
Hip Revision surgery is more complicated than a standard hip replacement. You may be in a hopspital for longer than a standard hip replacement and the recovery make take longer.